White Almond Wedding Cake


+Basic sponge cake (x2)

°200g flour

°200g sugar

°1 C. teaspoon vanilla extract or

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

°1 C. baking powder

°4 medium or large eggs

°125g unsalted butter

°1 pinch of salt +Trim :

°1 jar of jam of your choice, without pieces +Decoration:

°850g white sugarpaste

°silver sugar pearls


Make 2 vanilla wipe cakes as indicated by my recipe Cut the cakes in 2 (you get 4 cake circles), even out the surfaces with the goal that your cake is straight! Decorate between each circle of cake with your preferred jam or spread With a kitchen brush, brush well all around the top and the blueprint of the cake, demanding great on the edges at the top Manipulate your sugar batter to warm it and give it adaptability Sprinkle your work surface with icing sugar and carry out your sugar glue 4 or 5 mm thick, you should have a shape sufficiently huge to cover your cake Delicately roll up your sugar batter on the moving pin, and put it fixated on the cake, as in the video, stretch the sugar mixture and smooth the top and edges, neatly cut off the overabundance mixture With the jewel interwoven, draw precious stone shapes on the layout by squeezing tenderly, then, at that point, cross the lines with the scored roller to make a knitted difference. In the event that you don’t have a jewel interwoven, you can follow straightforwardly with the roulette by putting forth a concentrated effort  To stick the pearls at the crossing points, it’s simple: with a little brush put a spot of water and press the pearl against it, it will stick At last make the bunch as depicted in the video, and it’s finished Enjoy !

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