This recipe’s got my husband coming back for more, no fail.


– 2 lbs ground beef (80/20 for some good flavor!)
– 1 cup bread crumbs
– 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese, plus a bit more for that oh-so-good crust
– 2 large eggs
– 1 small onion, finely chopped
– 3 cloves garlic, minced
– 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
– 1 tbsp fresh thyme, chopped
– 1 tbsp fresh oregano, chopped
– 2 tsp salt
– 1 tsp black pepper
– 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
– 1/2 cup milk
– 1/2 cup ketchup, plus 2 tbsp for topping


1. Preheat your oven to 375°F – that’s the sweet spot for a crispy exterior.
2. In a large mixing bowl, gently combine the ground beef, bread crumbs, cup of Parmesan cheese, eggs, onion, garlic, parsley, thyme, oregano, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and milk. It’s like a little party for your herbs and beef!
3. Once mixed, shape this beautiful concoction into a loaf and place it into a greased baking pan or shape it directly onto a baking sheet if you like a firmer crust all around.
4. Spread those 2 tablespoons of ketchup over the top – this is like the icing on a cake but way more savory!
5. Sprinkle a generous handful of Parmesan cheese over your saucy meatloaf top.
6. Bake the meatloaf in the preheated oven for about 1 hour or until the internal temperature reads 160°F – patience is a virtue, my friends; golden cheesy crust awaits!
7. Let the meatloaf rest for 10 minutes before slicing. This gives it time to firm up and makes it much easier to cut.
Variations & Tips
Feeling adventurous? Mix up the meats by using half beef and half ground turkey for a lighter take. For a gluten-free version, swap out the bread crumbs for your favorite GF option. You can also mix in half a cup of grated carrot or zucchini for an extra veggie boost – it’ll be our little secret.
If your weeknights are a whirlwind (trust me, I get it!), mix up the ingredients the night before and just pop it in the oven when you get home. Dinner = done. And, speaking of prep, meatloaf freezes beautifully. Make a double batch, bake one, and freeze the other for a future stress-free evening.So cozy up to this Herb-Crusted Parmesan Meatloaf and let the robust flavors take you back to simpler times while giving your taste buds the excitement they deserve!

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