She left three sponges in the refrigerator, but what occurred a few days astounded everyone. You ought to share this amazing technique with everyone.

Though it seems unusual, keeping sponges in your refrigerator might transform the way you keep fruits and vegetables. Many of us have problems with our refrigerators, especially in the crisper drawer, which may hasten fresh food withering and rotting caused by too much humidity. But a basic home item—the sponge—can provide an unanticipated fix for this issue, extending the freshness of your fruits and veggies and thus saving you money.
Explained the Sponge Trick

The key is found in the sponge’s inherent moisture absorption capacity. A pair of sponges in the fruit and vegetable drawer will help to drastically lower the humidity level, therefore providing a more fit habitat for fresh food storage. This technique prolongs the crispness and freshness of fruits and vegetables by means of which they remain.
How can one use sponges in the refrigerator?
Choose your sponges: choose two fresh sponges. Starting with free from any cleaning chemicals or residues sponges is crucial.
Sort in the Crisper Drawer. Arange the sponges in many areas of your vegetable and fruit draw-through. Their role is to absorb extra moisture, therefore lowering the humidity that can lead to early spoilage of crops.
maintenance: Look at the sponges often for moisture. Wrinkle them out and replace them whenever they seem saturated with water. This guarantees their ongoing good absorption of moisture.


Even the finest sponges may eventually start to serve as bacterial breeding ground. Periodically change the sponges with new ones to keep your refrigerator’s sanitary conditions intact.

Clean your refrigerator with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get a further increase in freshness and cleanliness. This not only gets rid of smells but also targets germs so your refrigerator remains sanitary and fresh.

Anyone trying to keep their fruits and veggies fresh for longer may find this simple yet efficient sponge method to help. It is evidence of the fact that sometimes the most basic answers may have the most amazing effects. Therefore, think about using a pair of sponges for another use in your refrigerator the next time you are ready to toss them. Remember also to tell friends and relatives this advice; it’s a bit of wisdom too excellent to keep to yourself!

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